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Once you are familiar with EstimatorRoof you will wonder how you estimated before without it. Most roofs can be estimated in under 5 minutes. Please see the videos at the top of this page.

Download the software and see for yourself (free 30-day trial).

The estimating process is easy:

EstimatorRoof allows you to estimate for a roof using two methods:

Any Roof
Any Roof will allow you to select a number of shapes to represent the roof (e.g., triangles, rectangles, parallelograms and trapeziums). So, for example, to estimate for a typical front/back detached roof with gable-ends you would select a rectangle shape, set its dimensions and parts. This would become the front face. You could then duplicate this for the rear face. Every shape allows you to enter its dimensions and edges (e.g., lead soakers, hip tiles, bonnets, valley tiles/trays etc).

This screen will allow you to estimate for almost any roof of any shape. You can add shapes to represent the sides/top/edges of dormers, lean-tos, abutments and roof extensions. Building up the roof from the list of available roof shapes. The shapes you add can be for roofs other than the main roof such as garages and lean-tos.

Fixed Roof Shapes
There are a number fixed roof shapes (e.g., Rectangular, L-shaped, Polygonal, Roof extensions, Dormers - both pitched and flat roof and standalone Flat roofs). Use these screens if you have a common type of roof to estimate for. Enter your parts and dimensions and estimate for the roof.

For the Rectangular and L-shaped roofs there are buttons to add dormers, roof extensions, abutments, lean-tos and flat roofs without you having to build it up using panels. You can add any number of dormers (pitched and flat), roof extensions, abutments and lean-tos.

Roof extensions can be used to create almost any roof shape by adding them to existing Rectangular or L-shaped roofs. They can share their side faces with the main roof making them part of the main roof itself. Dormers and roof extensions do NOT double count roof parts, i.e., the area of the main roof face behind dormers and roof extensions is omitted from the estimate.

You may also quote for standalone roofs from this list:

For both roof types the process takes about 5 minutes and is very simple:

The Results screen shows the quantities and prices summarised by part. This can be viewed on-screen, printed or exported into Microsoft Excel.

You set your own labour rates for each task, for example, there are separate labour times for fitting roof tiles, hip tiles and bonnets.

You enter your own parts and prices. We do not provide parts and prices. You buy this product once and do not pay for anything else.

If you download the software there are a number of sample roofs already setup numbered from 1 to 20. Please use the Retrieve screen in EstimatorRoof to select these. These will show what measurements have been taken and what items have been added to the main roof (e.g., dormers, roof extensions etc).

Click the Gallery button at the top of this screen to see various screenshots of the product.

Click the Video button at the top of this screen to see various videos of the product in action.

Click EstimatorRoof purchase to purchase a license.

Please email for any further information.

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